When you place an online order you will receive a VAT invoice / receipt in the form of an official email from our website. 

If you are eligible you can use this receipt to claim any VAT back on your order.

Each emailed invoice / receipt contains all the information you need to claim back VAT including:

Unique invoice number (this is the "order number")

Date (the full date and time of order is shown in the email subject line)

Customer’s name, shipping and billing address

Description of the goods or services (in the order summary section)

Quantity of each type of item

Price per item, excluding VAT (shown next to each item)

Total amount excluding VAT (the subtotal)

Total amount of VAT

Total amount including VAT

Our VAT number (shown in the email footer)

Our business name and address (shown in the email footer)

Rate of VAT charged (shown in the email footer)