My razor blades seem to be clogging, how do I prevent this?

To help prevent your multi-blade razor from clogging, you first need to ensure you are using a water soluble shaving oil, gel or foam. Naturally all King of Shaves shave preps are water soluble!

Don’t use too much oil or gel – use the amount recommended in the usage instructions. Using more oil or gel will not give you a better shave and it can increase the chance of your razor clogging.

Oil from your skin or stubble can also contribute to clogging so before shaving cleanse your skin with plenty of warm water and a quality face wash (or gentle scrub).

During shaving, ensure you rinse your razor frequently to help prevent a build-up of stubble in the blades. We recommend you shave in a warm bath or shower, however if you are using a sink or a bowl, try adding a drop or two of shower gel or face wash to the warm water and mix it up before rinsing the razor blade in it.

If your stubble is very long, consider using a trimmer to shave off the longer hair before using your razor. Today’s modern multi-blade system razors are not so great when your stubble is longer and work best with shorter hair.

By using a trimmer first to remove the longer hair, it means your razor will work more efficiently and it should clog less.