How to shave your beard off

We're not anti-beard, we're anti-bad-shaving. If you’re thinking of shaving your beard off (hooray!), we want you to do it right and enjoy the experience. Whether you’ve got a big Grizzly Adams beard or something smaller, this video will show you how to shave a beard off comfortably, get a great shave and avoid uncomfortable razor burn.

Then watch this video for even more tips to getting a great shave.

How To Shave Your Beard Off Video Transcript

So you’re thinking about shaving your beard off. Hurray!

But seriously, we’re not anti beard, we’re anti bad shaving. If you’re thinking about shaving your beard off, well we want you to do it right – we want you to enjoy that experience. You can shave it off, feel the wind on your chin, and if it is not for you, no problem, it will grow back.

Whether you’ve got a big grizzly Adams beard or something slightly thinner, you’re really going to need to take the weight out of your beard with a good set of clippers. No matter what you’ve got clip a dry beard. The clippers with work much, much better. A wet beard’s going to tug and pull – it’s not going to be a joyous experience.

Make sure that you got it fully charged. Clippers that are less than 40% charged, they start to slow down a bit and that can really start to tug and pull, as you’re trying to push the blade through your beard. If you have got a big grizzly Adams beard, you need to look at stepping down through the plastic grades that come with your clippers. If you’ve got a slightly thinner beard, you can look to go straight in, just with the lowest grade you can with no plastic grade on at all.

So you used your clippers, you’ve taken your beard right back down to some fairly short stubble and of course the basic sensible same rules of shaving still apply. Make sure you have time in your schedule to complete your shave properly.

You need to make sure you’ve got warm/hot water. You need to make sure that you’ve got a quality shave prep. And you need to make sure you’ve got a decent sharp razor. There is no point in using that old blade.

Treat your face right. Treat yourself to a nice, new sharp razor blade. Because obviously you’ve not shaved for a while, consider using a face scrub or a face wash just to really get in there, to raise the pile of your beard. Rinse that away and now it is time to apply your shave prep. We think that low or no foam products are the best products to use, because it is important that you see where you’re shaving. A can of Mr. Whippy’s fine, but at the end of the day the lofty foam, most of it you’re going to shave down the sink. Maybe it’s not doing all that it should for you.

You’ve not shaved for a while, but you’ve probably not forgotten how, but remember go with the grain. Start on your cheeks. These are the easiest areas to shave, so you can get your eye and skill back in-line. Then look to shave up on the nape of your neck and then finish of with your chin and your ‘tache. Always going with the grain. Have a feel with your fingers. Your fingers are the best guide to tell you whether you missed any hairs or not. If you have you can just shave across the grain, just moving in a sideways motion.

Rinse any residual shave prep from your skin with slightly cooler water. This’ll help close your pores up. Obviously you haven’t shaved for a while, you’ve not shown all your face to the sun and we think it’s important particularly for you guys, if you’ve had a full beard for quite a while, that you consider using an SPF in your moisturiser. This is going to give you long-term protection for your face and keep you looking sharp and looking your best for longest.