How to shave your body hair

Want to shave off your body hair? Our quick video guide to getting a close and comfortable shave on those perhaps lesser-shaved parts of your body, which aren't as used to having a razor taken across them. 

We share our top tips, knowledge and experience on how to treat your body properly, advice on the the right shave prep and how to get a great shave and how to avoid uncomfortable razor burn in your more senstitive areas...

How To Shave Your Body Hair Video Transcript

Don’t be tempted to try and attach razors and clippers to lengths of broom handle with gaffer tape. It will end in disaster. What I’d say about body shaving is you just need to be realistic. Only shave the things, the areas, that you can see and reach.

If you’re going to be regularly shaving bits of body hair you really need to invest in a set of decent clippers. Lots of good brands out there. Personally, I think Phillips and Wahl make the best clippers on the market. Use your clippers on dry hair. Use the plastic guard; take the razor down as much as you can.

Remove the plastic guard and then carefully use the clipper on your skin. You want to try and clipper that hair down as short as you can, which means that when you come to use your wet manual razor you’re asking it to do no more work than you should expect from it. When you’re applying your shave prep, you haven’t got the density of hair that you’ve got on your face, but you still need to take the time to massage it in to your stubble. You want that stubble nice and wetted out.
I would always recommend a low-foam product.

It’s a very different shape to what you’re used to – you’ve got more lumps and bumps in different sorts of places and you really need to see where you’re going. The direction of hair growth varies a lot from person to person and can be quite mixed on your body. Move across the grain and see what result you’ve got.

Don’t be tempted to shave in multiple directions for the sake of it – you might not need to and your skin just won’t thank you. Take your time, take it steady. Shave, rinse, see how it looks, feel how it looks and then you can neaten up the areas. Particularly important around your nipples. You can put your finger here – shave around; you can swap over and shave on this side as well. The worst thing you’re going to do is cut your finger. Be really careful around your nipple area, because if you cut with a razor blade it will bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed.

…and bleed.

So once you’ve shaved all the areas you wanted to shave, it might be worth just bringing the temperature of the shower down very slightly and just having a final rinse off.

Don’t go too liberal with that towel. You’ve just dragged a sharp blade across the surface of skin that’s not use to that, so you really need to pat these areas dry with the towel. It’s going to be un-used to being so naked, so really consider using some post-shave product just to protect that skin area, so that your skin can make its natural recovery.

Shaving below the belt… Not something I’ve tried myself. I would take it in steps. I would certainly consider using a clipper first to take away as much of your pubic hair as you can. I would certainly recommend that you use a plastic guard on your clippers, that you don’t rely on the shortest grade.You don’t want to be cutting with the end of the clipper.

Whatever you do… good luck!