How can I shave when I have spots or a rash?

Even if you have spots, shaving rash or irritation you can, with care, continue to shave. Our low foam shaving gels and oils are ideal as they allow you to see exactly where you are shaving allowing you to avoid particularly sensitive areas – so you won’t keep cutting the same spot or irritating a sensitive area of skin. Tricky to do if you have a face covered in foam.

Generally you just need to read and follow our shaving guide carefully. It will put you on the right track to achieving a smooth rash free shave.

Specifically we would also advise you to change your shaving prep to a non-foaming, King of Shaves shaving oil, serum or gel as they are formulated for all skin types but are especially effective if you have sensitive skin.

Our range of shaving and skincare software includes products specifically designed for sensitive or spot prone skin (including our Antibacterial Shave Gel and sensitive skincare products – so seriously consider using these as they will help in the long-run.

For the first four or five days, start shaving before you go to bed at night so you will be sleeping and not fiddling with your rash or burn.

Try and shave in the shower if you can – get hold of a non-fog mirror or shave ‘by touch’.

Shave slowly using short strokes in the direction of hair growth – use the side of your forefinger to gauge which direction gives less resistance so you shave ‘with the grain’.

Do not be tempted to go over and over the same area to get a closer shave – this will only further irritate your skin.

After shaving, if you have used a gel or serum then splash cool water on your face and pat your skin dry. If you used an oil, simply pat your face dry.

Use a post shave moisturiser or balm as this will help soothe your skin and protect it from the elements.

After three or four days of shaving in this way,  your spots / rash should have gone, and you will be able to revert to shaving in the morning remembering to use all the advice above.