I have a very heavy beard and find that shaving with the grain doesn’t give me a close enough shave. What can I do?

Begin by following our guide to a great shave and shaving with the grain. This means shaving in the direction of your hair’s growth. It removes the bulk of the stubble without pulling and scalping the hairs. Then re-apply your shaving prep and shave again (slowly and carefully), but this time going against the grain.

Ensure you then thoroughly moisturise your freshly shaved skin to soothe and protect it.


If you have longer hair or stubble, then consider using an electric trimmer to reduce the length down to 1 to 1.5mm first.

Don’t shave first thing in the morning. Have breakfast, let your skin wake-up!

Shaving is made much easier by giving the area to be shaved lots of warm / hot water (or steam) before shaving. So have a bath or shower and wash your face in running warm water as this softens the bristles and opens up the pores of the skin preparing it for a closer and less painful shave.

After washing apply a hot towel to the beard area for 1–2 minutes to really soften and prepare the bristles for a smooth shave.