Is it OK to electric shave?

There is no doubt that electric shaving can be faster and simpler than wet shaving. However, electric shaving is harsher on the skin as it strips away natural oils and usually requires the hairs to be dry and brittle to get a close shave.

For a closer and more comfortable shave, our advice is to move to wet shaving. But hey, it’s a free country, and if you are happy with your electric shaver carry on.

We would suggest you apply a few drops of a King of Shaves Shave Oil to your face before-hand as it will prepare the skin and stubble and help leave you feeling moisturised (not sandpapered)!

Tip: Unlike all King of Shaves products, some pre-shave lotions contain alcohol and other astringent (drying) agents which are not good for your skin. So read the label and check the ingredients before you purchase.