Does it matter what sort of razor blade I use?

The brand name of the blade is far less important than the state it is in. You will not get a close shave from a blunt blade; you will be shaved on parts of the face and not on others and you will end up with redness and blotches on your face and neck.

The cure is simple. As soon as you feel a blade is not performing properly, replace it!

Shaving with a cut-throat razor (or open or straight razor) is becoming popular again. You will have to put in the hours and practice however this rediscovered method can give you a great shave and really give you the edge trimming shaped beards and lining up those awkward sideburns. Arguably this is also the most environmentally friendly way of shaving.

Some people also swear by their DE razors – again you will need to put in some time to practice to get the best from such a system. The comparitively high handle cost will be off-set in the long run by relatively cheap replacement blades.

However most men who wet shave tend to use a modern multi-blade system razor as the skill level required to get a good shave is lower. Our guide to a great shave is for everyone who shaves no matter their razor, however if you use a multi-blade system razor, following our guide will make a massive difference to the quality of your shave.

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