What is the best way to shave my head?

For a great head shave you simply need to follow the same shaving routine described here. If your hair is quite long, invest in a decent set of electric clippers and trim your hair down to the shortest length possible.

Ideally do this in two or three stages so you gradually decrease the length of your hair until it can be easily cut with the razor blade (so about the same length as your stubble before you shave).

Then follow our guide to a great shave in order to prepare your hair (or what’s left of it!) properly and then for the actual shave itself. Remember to take your time, don’t press down too hard and shave in short, flowing strokes.

Remember your scalp may not have seen the sun for sometime so ensure you use plenty of moisturiser afterwards, preferably one with an SPF so as to protect your head from the the sun. If it is particularly good weather, wear a hat or use a dedicated high factor sun cream (30+) for extra protection until your head has acclimatised.

You may wish to give a dedicated head shaving system a whirl – we have heard some good things about Headblade razors though we have not relied them ourselves.