Should I use a shave oil or a shave gel?

Well the good news is that both will give you an excellent shave so it’s down to personal choice.

If you travel regularly, you should definitely try one of our shave oils as their small size makes them the perfect companion. They can even go in your hand luggage.

And of course there are environmental benefits of using less raw materials in the manufacture and transport of our compact shave oils as well as only using 2–3 drops per shave.

That said, we realise that our shave oils can be a bit “Marmite” – people either love or loathe them. So many customers use (and swear by) our range of shave gels as they are closer to the ‘traditional’ canned products that people are more familiar with yet still give great results.


For an amazingly close shave you can also use a shave gel and shave oil together – first apply 2–3 drops of the oil to your skin and massage well into the face, then apply a small amount of the gel over the top and shave.

Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards.